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If you are operating a commercial fleet, providing public transportation or running a construction company then you know the value of vehicle utilization and providing a timely service to your customers. With our live GPS tracking and customized reporting you can get the most up to date location, service alerts and driving trends for all of your vehicles and start saving money on unnecessary fuel expenses. In addition, you will constantly improve driving behavior and have reliable reports to award the top performers.
Comercial Fleet Public Transport Constraction Vehicles
Your precious boat is tucked an hour away at a marina or your lake house and you have no way of knowing in what condition you will find it next time you are ready to have day on the water. Our GPS-Link Marine solution lets you monitor your vessel's battery charge, shore-power, bilge temperature and even remotely turn your AC to cool it off before you arrive. You will also be instantly notified of any intrusions or unauthorized movement.
Yacht Small Boats PWC (Personal Watercrafts)
You will never have to worry about your airplane anymore when you leave it at the local airport. Get notified immediately when if ground crew moves the aircraft, or an intruder tries to reach for your valuables. No installation is necessary--our solution is plug-and-play. 
Personal Aircrafts Gliders Helicopters
What is more important than security? Security of your child, security of your elderly parent, security of your pet, or security of your favorite toy--GPS Link offers the right solution specific to your needs. You will always be a one safe step behind your loved ones and one steady step ahead of the bad guy that tries to do you harm.
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